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As a luxury home designer, our gift is listening to our clients and understanding their needs and wants; then bringing that dream to life. Proportion, detail and scale are important factors in any home, no matter the style. We hone in on these three aspects, while creating a home that expresses your personality. Our home styles range from classic and traditional to transitional and more modern. Our focus is to create a warm and welcoming feeling, whatever the style.

  • Uniquely Designed for you

  • Extraordinary, livable space that you can call home.

  • Homes designed to create new treasured family memories.

Not all firms divide their business so equally between residential and commercial design. We have consciously set our plan to do both custom house plans and commercial design. This helps us, as luxury home designers, to bring strong commercial expertise in space planning, “traffic” flow, and durability into the residential footprint, or custom house plan. Luxury home builders possess a unique set of skills and expertise that can bring life to our architectural designs.

We work with our own Interior Design team most often on residential design, which gives us a unique opportunity to collaborate regularly, in house.  We also have had wonderful partnerships with other top designers in the Dallas area.

At Rogers Ford, we value the strategic partnership between luxury home builders and luxury home designers. Luxury home builders possess a unique set of skills and expertise that can bring life to our architectural designs.

Bringing Your Visions of Home to Life

Luxury Home Design, Sensitive Renovations, and Seamless Additions

We tailor your custom house plan to the site, using on-site visits and sketches to explore all the possible design options and choices.

Important considerations are:

  • The orientation of the site, and how the sun will track across the home
  • Identifying and incorporating existing trees and landscape forms that can be an asset to the development of the site and the design of the home
  • How the new home or addition/renovation fits within the surrounding neighborhood, considering privacy needs (views from neighbors to the home) and the view to neighbor’s properties.

“The spaces Pat created are charming, inviting and give you views in every direction. My favorite thing is to be able to sit several places…inside and out…and watch the world go by.” – Fallon Vaughn about their home in University Park, Texas

Luxury Home Designer

When designing a custom house plan specifically for you, we examine design choices that will harmonize with the way you live, your lifestyle, and incorporate your plans for the future. We take into account the following aspects of your life during the initial luxury home design process;

  • Family needs –  including children, aging parents, guests, and retirement options
  • Future expectations – growing/living in place for long-term enjoyment and resale value
  • Entertainment needs – family or business entertainment needs, including whole family cooking or catering prep
  • Are formal spaces needed or do you have a more casual lifestyle?
  • Wellness & Fitness – rooms/centers, basketball courts, pools and cabanas; even a Pickleball court
  • Do you spend more time inside, needing movie space, an office, formal dining?  Or do you spend more time outside, cooking, entertaining, hanging out by the pool?
  • Travel needs, such as easy packing/unpacking space, storage for camping equipment and quick laundry drop.
  • Kitchen needs and wants – Do you cook every day?  Like to prepare gourmet recipes?  Or is the kitchen used more for quick prep?  

“We have had so many wonderful family celebrations in our dining room – thanks to the design that seats 30.  Our home was designed with our family in mind and has been a great place for family gatherings big and small.”  Private Client about their home in Old Preston Hollow, Dallas, Texas

We listen and design with you in mind.

Vacation, Getaway Home, and Second Homes

Many of our custom house plans & designs for vacation homes have been for clients we have previously worked with, however, our conversations and design approach shifts when discussing the needs and wants in their vacation or second home. Your vacation home should, above all, allow you to relax and enjoy yourself. 

As a luxury home designer, we rely on your answers to many of the above questions, yet some of these design principles are even more important for vacation and second homes; 

  • Rooms that Capture views
  • Outdoor spaces, including balconies, porches and patios that take advantage of the surrounding landscape
  • Places for storing travel and recreational items
  • Efficient meal preparation
  • Special entertainment desires
  • Spaces for creativity

Designs that are both livable and beautiful.