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Modern House Interior Designs

Our talented and experienced Interior Designers in Dallas specialize in both Commercial and Residential settings, using these dual skills to incorporate wellness, ergonomics, and durability into our modern house interior designs, as well as personality and hospitable qualities to commercial environments.

Our Interior Design team plans impactful commercial interior spaces and develop modern house interior designs. The years of experience in the interior design market has connected us with a wide range of the finest local and international design resources and craftsmen. We engage with you for your goals, budget and design aspirations, then research and create the best design solutions, and select from the best products. Our work doesn’t stop there, we manage the specifying, ordering, production and installation of the design. This simplifies the process and eliminates the guesswork for you, the client.

The big picture of interior design can be overwhelming to clients. Intuitively we see the big picture, and our expertise is navigating through all the interior design elements and packaging them into the big picture. Our measure of success is achieving your goals, and exceeding your expectations.

Every design begins with a conversation.


Every one and every home is unique. Our Interior Designers in Dallas appreciate that and strive to visually translate your uniqueness and personality into a custom home tailored to your lifestyle. We are able to renovate one room, a suite of spaces, or design the interiors for your entire house.

The design storyboard starts with conversations with you about your requirements, goals, design aspirations and budget. We listen, then creatively interpret, develop and present design ideas for your review. The designs begin to visually tell your story. Behind the scenes we research the designs and materials for appropriateness, budget, availability (fabrics, wallcoverings, flooring, rugs, furnishings, artwork, accessories, and more). Upon approval, we implement the design orders and coordinate with fabricators and contractors to assure expectations are met. We track them from ordering to installation so you can relax and enjoy your new home.

Modern house interior designs for living in place may only require simple changes. We can select furnishings that are beautiful and comfortable for now and the future; and adapt existing design elements to help you continue living in your home for many years to come.

Homes designed to create treasured family memories.

Residential Interior Design Considerations

Do you have family heirlooms, pieces that have sentimental value, an art collection, or simply one favorite piece of art? We are experienced in inventorying collections and designing the new space with them in mind. They can be highlighted or we can create complementary designs to enhance them. We can catalog them and design with re-use in mind, placing your most prized possessions in your new space, as well as, incorporating these furnishings into your modern house interior design.


For workplace design, we address challenges that are unique to office, retail, or public spaces. Scale, functionality, durability, safety and design are all important, and our Interior Designers in Dallas have completed registration examinations that equip them to address these issues. They also participate in continuing education keeping them abreast of new and developing techniques for creating spaces that your staff and clients can safely enjoy for years to come.

Wellness and workplace flexibility is becoming increasingly important as we return to our offices. Ergonomics and lighting have been a part of our wellness design for a while, but now we are adding techniques, materials, and equipment that address disinfection and air quality as well. Our dedicated designers are committed to education and are experienced in researching products and materials to address these needs.

Let Rogers-Ford breathe life into YOUR vision.