Interior Designer Dallas –
Modern House Interior Designs

Our Interior Designers in Dallas work in both Commercial and Residential settings, so they can combine modern house interior designs, commercial durability, and ergonomics for your home. 

We research and select from some of the finest resources for flooring, furnishings and custom window covering fabrication, as well as other artisans and craftsmen, to convey a warm and welcoming feel to your space. This eliminates the guesswork for you, the client.

Our expertise is in planning all interior design elements, to give you a design that meets your needs, whether it is a post-pandemic commercial office space or a cozy family gathering place.

Every design begins with a conversation.


Our Interior Designers in Dallas can visually translate your story and express your personality, to give you a home that fits your lifestyle.

We create and present designs; research materials (fabrics, wallcoverings, flooring, rugs, furnishings, artwork, accessories, and more), track the use of them in creating the elements needed to make your house a home, and coordinate installation of all of this, so you can relax and enjoy your new home.  Our Interior Designers can renovate one room, a suite of spaces, or design the interiors for your entire house.

Homes designed to create treasured family memories.

Residential Interiors

Do you have pieces that you want to keep, or that have sentimental value?  We have experience in inventorying your treasures, heirlooms, and existing furnishings.  We can catalog them and design with re-use in mind, placing your most prized possessions in your new space, as well as, incorporating these furnishings into your modern house interior design.

Living in place (staying in our homes as we get older) creates a unique set of challenges.  We can help solve those challenges by selecting furnishings that are beautiful and comfortable for now and the future; creating traffic patterns that accommodate whatever is needed to continue living in your home for many years to come.


For workplace design, we address challenges that are unique to office, retail, or public spaces.  Scale, durability, and safety are all important, and our Interior Designers in Dallas have completed registration examinations that equip them to address these issues.  They also participate in continuing education to keep them abreast of new and developing techniques for creating spaces that your staff and clients can safely enjoy for years to come.

Wellness in the workplace will become increasingly important as we move back into our offices.  Our designers are concerned with this and experienced in searching out products and materials that can help with disinfection and air quality.


Let Rogers-Ford breathe life into YOUR vision.