Interact with Nature While Working from Home

Are you able to interact with nature while working from home?
Did you know that our tendency to interact with nature has a name? It’s Biophilia.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the average American spends 93% of their life indoors. With COVID-19, we are spending even more time inside, and most of that is inside our homes. Some of us have now spent almost 6 months working from home.

Are you feeling cooped up? The Rogers-Ford Architecture and Interior Design team is still working from home and we are just a little restless at this point. Our Interior Designers have suggested a couple of ways to bring nature a little closer to our home desks, as we work.

One way is to decorate with plants. Try an orchid on a shelf; succulents in pots hung on your wall; or greenery nearby.

Maybe keeping plants alive is not your thing. Or allergies make real plants out of the question. Get faux plants instead. One of our top resources for faux plants is Robert Lawrence Designs.

They have a wide variety of options and can create custom pieces as well. Our Interior Designers can work with you to decide on the appropriate size and scale of faux plant for your space and work with Robert Lawrence to select containers and coordinate the delivery and installation. Contact Us for more information.

Another way to commune with nature from your desk, is to position your office near a pleasant outdoor view. An ideal position is with the window at one side of your desk, so you can have side lighting for your video meetings, and take a glance occasionally, without being completely distracted from your work.

If your home office cannot be positioned with an outdoor view, then be sure to take your breaks outside when possible.